About the artist


I.Magnin is passionate about images! She began painting in oils at the age of 7 and has never stopped painting and drawing since. Equally attracted by the sciences, I.Magnin, after training as an engineer, pursued a career in medical imaging research at INSERM before setting up her artist's studio in Saint Jean d'Aulps (Haute-Savoie).

Influenced by Dali and the Fauves, the artist studied live models at the Beaux arts de Lyon. She was also a pupil of A. Le Cleac'h, C. SauzetJ.M. Relange and C. Debusschère.

Inspired by from the "Nature Consciente" to create a painting to create a painting high in colors, I.Magnin mixes realistic drawings, imagination, onirism and abstraction.

The last realizations of the painter were respectively marked by a work on the Nature, the Tree and on the female and male Living Models. I.Magnin is a member of the Lyon Academy of Painting.

The artist is co-founder and president of the art movement Les Transfiguratifs.







painting I.Magnin painting workshop

The Art

Art is a way of life,
Art is an opportunity,
Art is an escape,
Art is a passion,
Art is an invaluable opening
...to the Unknown and to the Other,
Art is intrinsically remarkable,
Art seeks to express the inexpressible,
Art is beyond us,
Art is a gift,
Art is devoid of intention,
Art exists on its own without pretense,
Art is humble,
It simply IS!


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